RPR returnable packaging solutions for automotive OEMs and Tier vendors

We specialize in engineering customized returnable packaging solutions for automotive OEMs and their Tier vendors. Our Greenville, SC operations are ideally situated to deliver faster on-site service and lower freight costs.

RPR specializes in returnable packaging solutions for automotive OEMs, Tier vendors and Southeastern final assembly operations.

honda steel rack

Single-source capabilities focused on solution efficiency

We start with an assessment of your parts, supply chain and material handling requirements. We customize your solution for greater efficiency, increasing product density in the original rack footprint or pallet/box/container footprint.

Our automotive OEM and Tier vendor solutions draw on the following:

  • Plastic bulk containers, totes & pallets
  • Automotive dunnage
  • Fabric dunnage (bags)
  • Foam packaging
  • Packaging pallets
  • Steel shipping racks, mobile WIP racks, carts & dollies
  • Vacuum forming/thermoforming
  • Sleeve systems
steel rack

Support for your QA and Lean manufacturing

We don’t have sales quotas for products. RPR places your material handling requirements above everything, drawing on a wide range of returnable packaging technologies to create a solution that scales, supports your QA and Lean manufacturing strategies, and upholds your commitment to sustainability.

Your customized solution includes:

  • Design and engineering
  • Prototyping and validation
  • Installation
steel rack honda

Service after the sale

With your system installed, we provide service and repairs to help you get more out of your returnable packaging, reducing your solid waste stream and demand for new materials and energy. These services include:

  • Returnable packaging engineering
  • Recycling
  • Returnable packaging repair
  • Returnable packaging cleaning