Fabric Dunnage (bags)

RPR fabric dunnage (bags)

RPR protective dunnage solutions include a range of internal protective packaging technologies for Class A protection. We design our protective dunnage for direct loading into containers.

We engineer fabric dunnage (bags) to provide cost-effective, durable and collapsible Class A protection for glass, electronic and finished components. RPR fabric dunnage works with legacy containers or integrated into new returnable packaging solutions.

RPR bags and pouches protect the form and value of your products in transit.

Bag Racks

Strategic partnerships with packaging technology OEMs

RPR has extensive experience with fabric dunnage (bags). We have strategic partnerships with leading packaging technology OEMs to help you move delicate components through the supply chain. We also engineer “no tooling” bulk container fabric dunnage that ships and stores flat and is easily installed in containers.

Bag Racks

Maximum product density for lower costs

We make sure you get more density out of your returnable packaging, maximizing product density with reusable fabric dunnage (bags). These technologies include:

  • Bulk container fabric dunnage systems
  • Tote fabric systems
  • Steel rack systems
  • Sequencing systems
  • Bumper systems
  • Closing curtain systems
Bag Racks

System engineering for specific requirements

Fabric dunnage (bags) works well with steel rack systems and other handling units — plastic containers, boxes or crates, and protective dunnage. RPR provides onsite design, engineering and prototyping, plus onsite manufacturing and replacement of damaged bags or pouches in racks and containers. It forms to the part for product nesting.

Get more out of your expandable expendable packaging

ITB Pop and Drop flexible rectangular cell dividers give you a cost-effective alternative to returnable packaging. RPR recommends this technology for increased product protection and less abrasion than hard wall dividers.