Returnable Packaging Cleaning

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RPR returnable packaging cleaning

Make sure you get more returns out of your returnable packaging with RPR returnable packaging cleaning (we service our systems and legacy technologies). Our new washing system cleans containers and dunnage, restoring them to like-new condition.


RPR cleans totes, vacuum-formed trays and pallets, bulk containers and steel racks, washing textile bags-extending service life and protecting your containers and the parts they transport.

Returnable Packaging Cleaning washer
Returnable Packaging washer cleaning

Our turnkey pallet cleaning keeps your returnable packaging clean and dirt-free. We wash and dry, package in kit form, and restore your bulk containers, handheld totes, shipping racks, thermoformed trays or pallets to like-new condition.

RPR’s returnable packaging cleaning process meets all industry requirements, ensuring that your parts arrive at final assembly in the same condition that they rolled off the assembly line. We offer:

Tray washing
Tote washing
Pallet cleaning