Returnable Packaging Engineering

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RPR returnable packaging engineering

You want the best, most cost-effective returnable packaging solutions. RPR returnable packaging engineering delivers, drawing on our industry-specific experience and range of returnable packaging technologies.

We act as your packaging engineers, we solve problems with no bias toward any particular technology, optimizing your solution for the best combination of product density, protection and cost.

RPR returnable packaging engineering delivers bulk shipping containers with increased product density to reduce transportation costs and improve your ROI.

Returnable package engineering

Documented recommendations and results

RPR engineers review customer operations and supply chain requirements before recommending a returnable packaging solution. We can integrate multiple packaging technologies and support all solutions with a documented business case.

Your system will scale and evolve to align with your Lean manufacturing and quality initiatives. We want a long-term relationship and your return business, so we protect your system components and parts in transit, with packaging that supports sustainability and drives cost savings to your bottom line.

Investments in packaging system prototyping

RPR continues to make capital investments in better returnable packaging engineering. We offer:

Packaging prototypes
Short production runs
Detailed drawings, fabrication and material conversion

• Plastic corrugated material
• EPP foams
• Fabric dunnage (bags)

Once we select your containers and returnable packaging, we test your prototypes in production and work with your plant and materials managers on system optimization.

Returnable packaging engineering and prototyping